Sorry, John Partridge Portrait of Joseph Hodgson PRCS (1788-1869) is not currently available.
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Portrait of George and Edward Finch-Hatton in V...
David Martin
18th Century and Earlier Paintings
Canvas, Oil
Appointed Portrait Painter to the Prince of Wales in Scotland in 1785, David Martin was the leading Scottish portrait painter of his generation. The artist is best known in the Unite...
David with the Head of Goliath
Pietro Dandini
18th Century and Earlier Old Masters Figurative Paintings
Canvas, Oil
Provenance: Private Collection, Santa Fe, NM The figure of David was, as is well known, particularly popular in the city of Florence during the Renaissance period. Numerous paint...
Head of a Youth
17th Century Baroque Portrait Paintings
Paper, Oil, Wood Panel
This work was painted in oil on paper and then laid down on a wood panel. Sale, Sotheby’s, Monaco, June 20, 1989, lot 536, as “Entourage d’Annibale Carrache”; sold to Piero Corsini,...
St. Ghislain in a Landscape
18th Century and Earlier Portrait Paintings
Oil, Panel
The present painting is a rare depiction of Saint Ghislain, the patron saint of the town of the same name in southern Belgium. Ghislain was a seventh-century hermit, possibly German...
Portrait of a Young Lady
Domenico Tintoretto
Canvas, Oil
Like many family-trained artists, Domenico Tintoretto began his career assisting his renowned father, Jacopo Tintoretto, in his Venice workshop. In 1576, when Domenico was seventeen ...
San Girolamo Miani
Giovanni Battista Piazzetta
1760s Rococo Portrait Paintings
Canvas, Oil
Piazzetta's half-length paintings of saints are among his most memorable works. They are at once moving devotional images and probing character studies depicting a variety of physica...
Noche SOCIAL, Cuban Art, Mixed Media, Andres Conde
Andres Conde
2010s Realist Portrait Paintings
Gold, Mixed Media, Oil
The series SOCIAL by Andres Conde is based on the Cuban magazine of the same name. SOCIAL captured the cultural and social life of Havana. The magazine ran from 1916 - 1938, Conde h...
"Analucia", Cuban Art, Oil on Canvas, Darian Ro...
Darian Rodriguez Mederos
2010s Photorealist Portrait Paintings
The young Cuban photorealist painter Darian Rodriguez Mederos, created this portrait in oil on canvas in 2017.

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