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Post-War Portrait Paintings

Paul Vanier Beaulieu
1950s Post-War Portrait Paintings
Canvas, Oil
Portraits of the Canadian Artist, Paul-Vanier Beaulieu created in 1954. In the work presented here, two figures that Beaulieu more and more often represents in the 50s, are positione...
Framed Early 20th Century English Oil - Portrait of a Lady seated by a Window
Framed Early 20th Century English Oil - Portrai...
Early 20th Century Post-War Portrait Paintings
A very fine early 20th century British oil painting of a lady sewing by a window. The handling of the paint is typical of early-mid 20th century British portraits and conveys the pea...
Rich Man
Rich Man
Samuel Rothbort
20th Century Post-War Paintings
The Samuel Rothbort estate is represented by Fred Giampietro Gallery, New Haven, Ct Samuel Rothbort began sculpting at an early age, making animals from bread dough in his mother’s k...
On a terrace in Deauville
On a terrace in Deauville
Jean-Pierre Cassigneul
1970s Post-War Figurative Paintings
Paper, Gouache
Jean-Pierre Cassigneul, born in 1935 in Paris, studied at the École des Beaux Arts and worked from 1956 until 1960 as a pupil of the painter, lithographer and 'décorateur' Roger Chap...
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