Michael Bachhofer
Sections (Pinus sp.)

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Michael Bachhofer’s work focuses on the investigation, alteration and expansion of human perception in applying artistic-scientific methods which turn invisible or simply overlooked things into visually accessible ones.

In order to achieve this goal Bachhofer uses a variety of media such as photography, film and sound installations and constantly experiments with new processes.

His work appears to be influenced by Heinz von Foerster and Ernst von Glasersfeld. Both epistemologists are considered to be representatives of Radical Constructivism – a theory, which assumes that each single perception is entirely subjective. Thus, perception can’t provide an image of reality independently from consciousness.

One can find this approach in many bodies of work by Bachhofer. He tries to detect reality being aware that universal reality is not achievable. Bachhofer wants to support a ‘holistic view’. Therefore all of his works are composed of a huge number of single images which, when pieced together, reveal a bigger whole.

This specific photograph shows a beautiful section of a pine.

Michael Bachhofer
Sections (Pinus sp.), 2015
C print, 27 x 40 cm
ed. 5+2 AP
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Michael Bachhofer was born 1976 in Friesach, Carinthia. He lives and works in Vienna. 1996-2013 University of Technology, Graz , University of Vienna, Medical University of Vienna, TU Vienna, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Tokyo University of the Arts
Michael Bachhofer (b. 1976, Austrian)
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C Print
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