Sorry, Karen Yank Simple Pleasures VI 2010 is not currently available.
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Positive/negative #1
Jonathan Waters
Cut Steel, Oil
Jonathan Waters uses sculpture as a form of drawing in space. The Connecticut-based artist, who got his start in New York among the likes of Minimalists Carl Andre and Richard Serra,...
Jane Miller
Steel, Fabric, Mixed Media
My current work embraces sculpting methods using textiles from sustainable recycling of cloth, fiber and found objects. I combine weaving, wrapping, felting and hand sewing in abstra...
For You!
Michael Kalish
"For You!" — steel sculpture — 30 x 24 x 0.5 inches (base is 15" wide x 7" deep), this is edition #1 of 18. THIS IS A COMMISSION-ONLY PIECE THAT IS MADE UPON REQUEST. PLEASE ALLOW ...
Patrick Bérubé
Steel, Wood, Neon Light
This object is directly inspired by the ultraviolet light bug zappers that attracts and kills insects. The ultraviolet lighting element has been replaced by the word "Desire&quo...
Série Intrusion (Hommage au vide et à Klein)
Patrick Bérubé
Gold, Steel, Digital
Around 3:59 Sophie Lynch Without beginning or end, does the same circle repeat itself exactly each time? Patrick Bérubé’s exhibition Around 3:59 takes us around the inevitable...
Perdre du poids
Patrick Bérubé
Gold Plate, Cut Steel
My practice is mainly sculpture, installation and public intervention. Space and place are very important in my work , both in the creative process in the work itself . Integration i...
Brandon Vickerd
Steel, Plexiglass, Powder Coating, Mixed Media
Challenger consists of a replica of the escape hatch from the NASA space shuttle Challenger installed as if it has fallen from the sky and flattened a Canada Post mailbox. Challenger...
Grito III
Jesus Curia Perez
Bronze, Steel
Jesús Curiá's sculptures arouse something more than purely aesthetic pleasure. We can analyze his work rationally and emphasize the quality of its textures and its patinas, the round...

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