Sorry, Georges Boisgontier Caravane 2010 is not currently available.
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Windblown, Steel Sculpture
Russell Whiting
Small figurative steel sculpture by Louisiana artist Russell Whiting "Windblown" Solid steel sculpture 13" h x 5" d x 9" w Signed W on base of sculpture ___...
Dancer, Steel Sculpture
Russell Whiting
Russell Whiting's "Dancer" is a table top/pedestal sized figurative sculpture made of solid steel created in 2014. Whiting developed a technique of carving steel with an oxy-acetylen...
Submerged Movement
Arozarena De La Fuente
This piece is hand made in Mexico City. Each fish sculpture is placed on a metal canvass where a combination of gesso, clay and cement material is then poured onto the canvass. Touch...
Golden Human Sparks
Arozarena De La Fuente
Ceramic, Gesso, Gold Leaf, Acrylic
This piece is made with hand made sculptures on a scale of 10 cm placed individually on a metal canvas. We emptied the ceramic and cement material onto the canvas and added sparks of...
After da Vinci, Holbein, Claese, Cézanne, Klimp...
Nicholas Crombach
Gold Leaf, Resin, Paint
After da Vinci, Holbein, Claese, Cézanne, Klimpt, Van Cough, Picasso, Dali, Warhol, Hurst & Everyone Else That I Have Forgotten. Nicholas Crombach has a BFA from OCAD University...
Untitled (10 Charm Bracelet)
Colleen Wolstenholme
I have been taking impressions of pills and creating a pill archive where pills are cast in silver and/or gold since 1995. At that time I was given pills as an answer to something th...
Gar (Anglo Saxon - Spear)
Nancy Legge
Porcelain, Glass, Iron
Three years after her last one person exhibition at Seager Gray Gallery, Nancy Legge returns, ever true to her vision and inspiration, but with an increased artistic vocabulary, both...
When you awoke...
Darla Jackson
Gesso, Gold Leaf, Plaster, Graphite
"When you awoke..." is an original, unique, wall-hanging sculpture by Darla Jackson measuring 21”h x 10”w x 2”d when displayed as pictured. The piece is made from plaster, gold leaf...