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Guy Elia

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Guy Elia 18 Karat White Gold "Magistere Tourbillon" Skeleton Strap Watch
By Guy Ellia
Located in New York, NY
The Magistere is one of the few Guy Ellia creations with an obvious signature. The G and the E act as the bridge for the barrel and the tourbillon's cage respectively , completing ...

Early 2000s Modern Wrist Watches


White Gold, 18k Gold

Finding the Right Watches for You

Records show that, in Europe, by the 16th century, it was high time for portable clock devices. While wall-mounted time tellers and grandfather clocks were much more convenient than the sundials of ancient history, watches were becoming crucial for an increasingly connected society whose members learned that the latest advancements in technology meant they could carry devices that kept time to within a minute a day. Tragically, the first pocket watches — albeit an improvement on the accessories that preceded them, which dangled from a chain worn around the neck — didn’t help much as far as accuracy or portability. Focused on style over substance, the upper class frequently carried lavish pieces that ran hours behind. 

Modern-day timepieces are fashionable and functional. Watches have also migrated from owners’ pockets to their wrists. In the early days of watchmaking, watches were fragile enough that they necessitated protection from the elements. Now, watches made of gold and steel can withstand the harshest climates — even 100 meters underwater, in the case of Rolex’s Submariner

Indeed, although exceedingly practical, the watches of today are far from bland. Bulgari’s iconic Serpenti watch was on everyone’s list after the collection’s bold bracelet, which technically debuted after the timepiece, graced the wrist of actress Elizabeth Taylor. If anything, elaborately crafted timepieces — the unmistakably boxy silhouette of Cartier Tank watches, the elegant and minimal Calatrava designed by legendary Swiss house Patek Philippe — are even more effective than the shape we associate with traditional watches. You’ll always know what time it is because you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from your new accessory. 

Form watches — the all-encompassing moniker bestowed upon non-round watches — are making headlines and completing fashionable ensembles the world over. At the same time, many are drawn to the unbeatable charm of vintage styles, such as the icons designed by Omega that even James Bond can’t resist. 

When shopping for a watch, it’s good to keep your needs as well as your specific personal style in mind: A smaller, subtle timepiece is a good fit for small wrists. When will you be wearing your new accessory? There’s a versatile model out there for everyday wear, while a rugged, feature-heavy watch is a safe bet if you’re prone to embarking on all-weather activities in the great outdoors. 

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