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Beatles Arriving, New York, 1964
By Harry Benson
Located in New York, NY
Beatles Arriving, New York, 1964

1960s Black and White Photography

Robert Redford arriving at Mary Lasker's apartment, New York
By Ron Galella
Located in New York, NY
All editions are signed by the photographer. Please see additional editions listed below. Larger sizes may be available upon request.

1970s Photography


Silver Gelatin

Study for Renee Zellweger - arriving at JFK Airport in New York (12/19/12) I
By Spencer Sloan
Located in Atlanta, GA
Spencer Sloan is a mixed-media artist whose recent work, digitally manipulating paparazzi photographs into abstraction using a series of image-corrupting applications, stems from his...

21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Abstract Photography



Finding the Right Photography for You

Find a broad range of fine photography on 1stDibs today.

The first permanent image created by a camera — which materialized during the 1820s — is attributed to Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. The French inventor was on to something for sure. Kodak introduced roll film in the 1880s, allowing photography to become more democratic, although cameras wouldn’t be universally accessible until several decades later. 

Digital photographic techniques, software, smartphone cameras and social-networking platforms such as Instagram have made it even easier in the modern era for budding photographers to capture the world around them as well as disseminate their images far and wide. 

What might leading figures of visual art such as Andy Warhol have done with these tools at their disposal?

Today, when we aren’t looking at the digital photos that inundate us on our phones, we look to the past to celebrate the photographers who have broken rules as well as records — provocative and prolific artists like Horst P. Horst, Lillian Bassman and Helmut Newton, who altered the face of fashion and portrait photography; visionary documentary photographers such as Gordon Parks, whose best-known work was guided by social justice; and pioneers of street photography such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, who shot for revolutionary travel magazines like Holiday with the likes of globetrotting society lensman Slim Aarons.

Find photographers you may not know in Introspective and The Study — where you’ll read about Berenice Abbott, who positioned herself atop skyscrapers for the perfect shot, or “conceptual artist-adventurer” Charles Lindsay, whose work combines scientific rigor with artistic expression, or Massimo Listri, known for his epic interiors of opulent Old World libraries.

Throughout the past two centuries, photographers have used their medium to create expressive work that has resonated for generations. Shop a voluminous collection of this powerful fine photography on 1stDibs. Search by photographer to find the perfect piece for your living room wall, or spend some time with the work organized under various categories, such as landscape photography, nude photography and more.