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Edward Winter
Vintage 1930-1939 United States Art Deco Decorative Art
A large and striking enamel rondel panel by the great enamel artist, Edward Winter, this Art Deco masterpiece depicts a proud horse, with his head raised high and one leg ready to mo...
Vintage 1930-1939 United States Art Deco Paintings
Little is known about Max Howard, a Milwaukee artist, but his painting of "The Four Seasons" is a brilliant example of high-style Art Deco, its stylized nudes, fountains, a...
Vintage 1920-1929 Russia Art Deco Drawings
An excellent example of the fascination with Classical subjects among artists in the Art Deco era, this drawing depicts a nude Roman soldier holding his cape in one arm and gesturing...
Vintage 1940-1949 United States Mid-Century Modern Paintings
Surrounded by an abstract series of planes in mottled slate and sand hues, this strong and confident nude figural painting was executed by Gaylord Flory when he was only 26, while re...
Vintage 1930-1939 United States Art Deco Inkwells
More of an indictment of the Spanish conquest of North America than a celebration, this quite extraordinary, large bronze inkwell depicts a Conquistador, holding sword and whip, seat...
Atelier Primavera au Printemps
Vintage 1930-1939 France Art Deco Vases
A superb example of Art Deco craftsmanship, produced by one of the world's finest workshops in the 1930s, this vase depicts a deer with lifted head, flanked by a weeping willow tree,...
Jean-Leon Mayodon
Vintage 1930-1939 France Art Deco Wall-mounted Sculptures
This large, unique sculptural panel demonstrates, in a bold and dramatic way, Jean Mayodon's fascination with the classical nude, interpreted of course in a modern way. Mayodon was o...
Paul Gaulois
Vintage 1930-1939 United States Art Deco Paintings
Oil Paint, Masonite
Though he was included in a 1930, exhibition of young artists at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and was friends with Stuart Davis and Ashile Gorky, Paul Gaulois is not well-kn...
Vintage 1940-1949 Italy Mid-Century Modern Table Lamps
Decorated with several nude pan and satyr figures in a laughing, high-spirited mood, each masterfully glazed in tones of ivory, charcoal, turquoise, teal and cerulean, this magnifice...
Early 20th Century United States Art Deco Sculptures
Celebrating the formation of the General Bronze Corporation, this beautifully crafted bronze box was created in 1928. It is decorated with high-style Art Deco motifs on two sides, an...
Vintage 1930-1939 United States Art Deco Paintings
Charming and sophisticated, this superb mural study by Edgar Yaeger, one of the most prominent artists in Michigan's WPA program, depicts a series of figures along a rivers cape, boa...
Vintage 1930-1939 United States Art Deco Wall-mounted Sculptures
A marvelous example of Art Deco bas relief sculpture, this panel was exhibited in 1938 at the Boston Society of Architects' annual exhibition, housed at the Jordan Marsh department s...

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