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William McGregor Paxton
Vintage 1920-1929 United States Beaux Arts Paintings
Oil Paint
Painted by one of America's great masters of portraiture, this depiction of a male youth is brimming with warmth and life. The boy pictured here, with his dark blond hair, blue eyes,...
Vintage 1940-1949 Switzerland Art Deco Table Clocks and Desk Clocks
An especially fine and rare Art Deco clock, this aquatic-themed desktop piece was made by Arthur Imhof in Switzerland, probably not long after he begin to make clocks in 1939. The br...
Vintage 1910-1919 Germany Belle Époque Prints
A large, rare and important etching with superb detail and unusual subject matter, this view of three nude male archers, one drawing his bow, another supplying the arrows, and anothe...
Vintage 1930-1939 United States Art Deco Wall-mounted Sculptures
This unique panel, depicting a nude Hercules figure with sword in hand, fending off the snarling Nemean lion, represents the first of his famous Twelve Labors. The strong, stylized f...
Max Kalish
Vintage 1930-1939 United States Art Deco Figurative Sculptures
Although Max Kalish is renowned for his sculptures of laborers in 1930s America, he also sculpted a number of other pieces in bronze and marble, often depicting idealized figures and...
Vintage 1930-1939 France Art Deco Paintings
Full of color and movement, this detailed study for a room dominated by a monumental Art Deco mural was painted by a French artist, perhaps for an interior design firm in Bordeaux. T...
Vintage 1940-1949 United States Art Deco Figurative Sculptures
This extremely rare display stand for men's ties -- a cross between commercial advertising and folk art -- includes a carved hand, vertical post, chromed bars and a wood base. Both w...
Antique 1840-1849 France Neoclassical Paintings
Superbly painted and rich with color, this depiction of a reclining nude male figure -- either waking up and readying for sleep -- is an excellent example of neoclassical painting fr...
Vintage 1960-1969 United States Mid-Century Modern Paintings
Oil Paint
Suggestive of the work of William Littlefield and Edward Melcarth, this scene depicts two nude male figures, warmly lit by the late afternoon sun, wrestling on the sand not far from ...
Daniel Chester French
Antique 1900-1909 United States Belle Époque Figurative Sculptures
One of the loveliest and most poignant sculptures ever created by an American artist, this study for the Melvin Memorial by Daniel Chester French, most famed for his beloved figure o...
Robert Charles Peter
Vintage 1920-1929 United Kingdom Art Deco Prints
This extraordinary and rare mezzotint by Robert Charles Peter, a British artist, depicts a nude male figure, beaten and worn, being comforted and helped by the proverbial Good Samari...
Pat Stewart
Vintage 1950-1959 United States Mid-Century Modern Decorative Bowls
This striking dish with angled edges and a beautiful, ruddy-brown glaze, is one of the rarest pieces ever produced by Pat and Covey Stewart in Laguna Beach, California. Most of their...

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