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Ann Wolf Interior Decoration

Ann Wolf Interior Decoration

Houston, TX

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About Ann Wolf Interior Decoration

Ann Wolf is a Houston based interior designer whose style is at once practical and sophisticated, marked by everyday luxury and elegant simplicity. Since 1995, her work has included many ground-up construction projects, from a showcase for a blue-chip contemporary art collection in Texas, to an Adirondack style summerhouse in upstate New York and a Shaker inspired farmhouse in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. In Manhattan, her designs include two pied-a-terres on Park Avenue and a family apartment on Fifth Avenue. No matter the style or setting, Ann believes that a harmony of color, pattern, texture, and scale is essential. Rather than impose a signature look, she attunes herself to her clients’ needs and aesthetics. “I know a job is successful when my clients tell me their homes look like them, only better.”