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Interior Matter

Interior Matter

Washington, DC

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About Interior Matter

Like Leonardo, we believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Simplicity is also a lot of work — that we love doing. We wake up every morning with a passion not just for impeccable design, but with thoughts of what design means to you and how it makes your life more fulfilling and peaceful. Left to our own (de)vices, we go with clean, modern and timeless. Since this is about you, we focus on a few of your most important possessions, and on all of your goals. Is that enough to entrust us with the thousands of decisions that will soon form the backdrop of your life? (Yes, thousands: our process is thorough.) Perhaps. But, ultimately, you hire us because you like us, and we like you — chemistry is essential, so let’s pretend we’re flipping through a 90’s magazine and take a match test together.