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Maydan Architects

Maydan Architects

Palo Alto, CA

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About Maydan Architects

Maydan Architects, a boutique architecture and interior design firm, has a name synonymous with modern and class. Founded in 2004 by principal Mary Maydan, the firm gained immediate recognition after designing an ultra-modern house in Palo Alto. The house, standing in sharp contrast to the traditional and Spanish architecture which dominated Silicon Valley at the time, drew vast attention and carved the firm’s niche as a leading contemporary architecture firm in Silicon Valley. The house was sold in 2017 to the billionaire co-founder of Whatsapp.

Driven by the motto that architecture should be inspirational, the firm approaches each project as an artistic challenge, using the team’s keen understanding of architecture, trends in design, construction, and cost, to create one-of-a-kind homes that are beautiful, warm, livable, and inviting.

The firm and its team work closely with clientele — the who’s who in Silicon Valley — treating each project as if it were their own home and maintaining hands-on involvement throughout all phases of the project.

Maydan Architects is known for always staying a few steps ahead, looking to set the next trend, find new materials and create a statement. Believing strongly in the power of architecture to shape the way we live our lives, the firm focuses on creating designs that are functional, efficient and environmentally responsible.

Maydan Architects strongly follows the principles of modern design, incorporating clean lines, open spaces, indoor-outdoor flow, and ample natural light into their projects. Complementing its trendsetting, minimalistic, and airy philosophy is the firm’s strong attention to detail and materiality.

Maydan Architects continues to disrupt the status quo, setting the tone of what luxe modern means in the world today. Notable projects include the Houzz headquarters in Palo Alto, and select residences for affluent clientele throughout California.

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