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Oppenheim Architecture + Design

Oppenheim Architecture + Design

Miami, FL

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About Oppenheim Architecture + Design

Oppenheim Architecture + Design is an architecture, interior design, and planning firm based in Miami with offices in New York and Basel, Switzerland. With over 70 firm distinctions, our work is based on both a physical and spiritual contextual sensitivity, supported by evocative and economic design solutions. Projects spanning 25 countries are crafted to establish the perfect balance between artistry and economics - as timeless and beautiful as it is functional.

The premise of the firm’s interior design approach is to create lasting and memorable experiences within unique spaces of our architecture. Our spaces evoke the senses, catering to both pleasure and performance. Inspiration is drawn from vernacular styles and local resources are asserted with minimal gesture. The selection of luxurious textures and rich hand crafted materials, the infused scents of a landscape and the visual sensations of volumes and forms, all act as catalysts in a spatial experience. Always romantic and reductive, the interiors reinforce the architecture through integrated design. Our passion and pursuit for unique interior design solutions is supported by a variety of residential, hospitality and commercial interior experience.