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Miami, FL

Latest Project by RAYMOND NICOLAS


Deeply rooted in Miami culture, we are a multi-faceted design house specializing in the diverse and intrinsic world of architecture and interior design. Fueled and inspired by the global collaborative relationships of art and design, we seek to inspire and unite our very own design community by invoking those very same aspirations through meaningful and purposeful design. Led by our founder and creative director, Raymond Jimenez, we like to present ourselves as the creative conduit between our clients’ goals and the design of their aesthetically pleasing yet functional spaces, environments, and architectural properties.

Integral to our mission, we believe in racial equality. Through our cultural lens and platforms, we hope to help dismiss the racial and social prejudices present today. We deeply believe and understand design and creativity stand antonymously against discrimination.

As agents of creative change, we look to shed light and welcome like-minded creative minority voices. With an already diverse background and team, we ignite conversations and make statements by distinctively thinking and designing differently. In doing so, we look and strive to craft bold, eclectic, avant-garde architecture and interiors, all while maintaining an utmost refined and timeless aesthetic.

Dedicated to constantly evolving as architects and interior designers, we also look forward to how society consumes and operates, all through the study of design. We encourage and embrace our clients’ desires with worldly, personalized taste in efforts to optimally develop inimitably refined properties and interiors. In pursuit of mastering our marque craft, we prefer to curate a select number of projects per year to better ensure the fruition of an overall wholesome project and design intent. Reasoning why our discipline whole-heartedly emphasizes on pure dedication to every design detail our design projects demand.

We optimistically embark on this journey to position RAYMOND NICOLAS as a design-leading, authoritative, and culturally-toned household name and brand. Currently scoped for architecture and interior design, we look to expand our creative footprint in 2022 with the introduction of RAYMOND NICOLAS select menswear.