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Vaughn Miller Studio

Vaughn Miller Studio

New York, NY

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About Vaughn Miller Studio

A classically trained architect who specializes in high-end residential and commercial interiors, Jennifer Vaughn Miller's unique ability to combine architecture and interior design enables her to master all aspects of a project. From preliminary design sketches, material specifications, fabric selection and custom furniture design to outfitting a room with found objects and accessories, total design is the goal. She and her work have been featured in several publications. A Texas native Jennifer received her Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas. She has worked and lived in New York since 2002 and currently resides in New York City and the eastern end of Long Island.

Jennifer Vaughn Miller's philosophy: Although there is an intangible aesthetic that runs through-out my work, I am not one to dictate style. I believe every project should be tailored to fit my client's lifestyle, with the location and the architecture both carefully considered. My design incorporates an array of rare objects that are carefully curated for each project. The most challenging question for me to answer is “what is your style” because I do not feel my taste can be molded into any particular genre. The underlying sensibility is orchestrated dichotomy.


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