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Hattie Sparks Interiors

New Orleans, LA

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About Hattie Sparks Interiors

In all of my work, from retail to consulting to interior decorating, I’m passionate about creating spaces that nurture connection and authenticity. Each era of my personal and professional life is a layer that enriches my aesthetic vision. I’ve learned not only to inhabit but to share these layers of my life story and design journey with friends, community, and nationwide clientele.

Ours are lived-in lives, made all the more beautiful by that fact. I help my clients’ spaces reflect the authenticity of their lives with interiors that alight. I’ve always been a creative for whom fashion, apparel, and interiors intertwined. As an owner and buyer for two stores, I developed the ability not only to discover pieces that are beautiful and reasonably priced, but to find the best location for them in a room, highlighting their character.

This is in part due to my background in art history, which provides me with a nuanced understanding of space, color, and depth. I hold a master’s degree in art history, where I studied architectural history and fell in love with interior spaces — the history they hold, and the stories they have yet to tell. Graduate school helped shape my aesthetic eye and my appreciation for sourcing amazing art directly from local and regional artists.

I’m originally from Texas, though my childhood was spent living in the mountains outside of Aspen. Having now spent over a decade in New Orleans, its aesthetic influence on me is vast — in particular, the mix of new and old, and the way people treasure family heirlooms. I love the challenge of working with heirloom pieces the client already owns and is committed to showcasing.

I believe in a relaxed fluidity to interior spaces. Elements should be able to change without altering the room’s visual cohesion. Many of my clients have families, kids, and pets who occupy these spaces, too. In my design philosophy, no room should be off-limits — every room ought to welcome others in.

I design spaces that are elegant and sophisticated, with a relaxing and approachable warmth. There is a level of ease and comfort that you see in homes here in New Orleans; we are always prepared for Mardi Gras glitter or the occasional wine spill. I design with that livability, authenticity, and joyfulness in mind.