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Large Chess And Checkers Wood Lathed Table

Large Chess and Checkers Wood Lathed Table
By Orfeo Quagliata
Located in Naucalpan, Edo de Mex
Chess table This Board Games edition presents classic games and decorative pieces like Backgammon, Chess and Tic Tac Toe, made out of wood and glass. Since 2000, Orfeo Quagliata off...

2010s Mexican Game Boards


Art Glass, Wood

Orfeo Quagliata Biography and Important Works

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Finding the Right Folk Art for You

Folk art refers to a genre of art that shares the creator’s traditions, offering not just an artistic display but an opportunity to learn about a culture. Vintage, new and antique folk art typically reflects a heritage or location. It can include utilitarian objects and handmade art as diverse as weather vanes, portraiture and paintings, carnival art, quilts and duck decoys.

American folk art is frequently valued because of the traditional skills involved, like weaving, hand-carving wood and even stonework. Many folk artists are self-taught, while some train as apprentices within their community. By using available materials and taking a personal approach to their creations, artists ensure each piece is unique and conveys a story. Native American folk art includes functional objects reflecting their heritage, such as baskets, textiles and wooden pieces.

During the Great Depression, artistic materials in America were hard to come by, so artisans used discarded wood from cigar boxes and shipping crates to make highly stylized, notched pieces — most often picture frames and boxes — that are today sought after by collectors. This folk art style is called tramp art and was popular from roughly 1870 until the 1940s.

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