Sorry, Hand-Painted Ceramic Vase is not currently available.
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Blank and White Talavera Ceramic Mexican Skull
Talavera de la Reyna
Mexican Ceramics
This piece has been crafted with natural clays and enamels, always conserving the traditional, method dating back to the 16th century. Handmade by artisans from the region of Puebla,...
Early Halle Allpass ‘Denmark’ Ceramic Vessel/ Vase
Helle Allpass
Danish Ceramics
A beautifully designed and shaped, large and substantial vessel/vase by Danish potter Helle Allpass who hailed from a long line of family potters. The piece is signed "Allpass Danmar...
Pale Sage Green Ceramic Sink or Planter, Hand-P...
Absolutely beautiful one of a kind sink. This is a highly artistic piece, with hand-painted lotus flower and bowl shaped like a natural lotus leaf. The color is a beautiful, soft, pa...
Blue Handmade Ceramic Jug or Vase Slovakian Fol...
Slovakian Ceramics
Beautiful blue ceramic jug, handmade, hand-painted and glazed. Excellent original condition without any signs of use or age.
Country Style German Set of Four Hand-Painted P...
Sofina Porzellan
German Vases
These completely handmade porcelain vases with a hands-free painted skier decor come as a set of four. Hand-painted in a nostalgic design with girl, boy, sladder and ice skater all a...
Moroccan Ceramic Vases with Arabic Calligraphy
Moroccan Artist
Moroccan Vases
Decorative chiseled brown and ivory Moroccan ceramic vase from Fez hand-graved with ivory Arabic poetry calligraphy. Measure: Opening is 5.5in. A pair is available

Hand Built Ceramic by Gabriela Valenzuela-Hirsch

Hand Built Ceramic by Gabriela Valenzuela-Hirsch
Gabriela Valenzuela-Hirsch
Costa Rican Vases
Slab built glazed clay by Gabriela Valenzuela-Hirsch, 2017. Made exclusively for a show at regeneration called two Mundos.
Handmade Ceramic Jug, Pozdisovce Ceramics Slova...
Pozdisovce Ceramics
Slovakian Ceramics
Glazed ceramic jug with an original pattern and design of Pozdišovce region. Excellent condition without any damage.