Set of Five Kawa Vases, Cast in Leather, Limited, Handmade by the Designer

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This limited edition batch of Kawa vases includes five original shapes handcrafted by the designer (and Souda's Co-Owner), Luft Tanaka. Each vase included has been made by casting liquid porcelain into a mold that's made entirely of leather. This highly-unique casting method results in ceramics that capture the fluidity and the texture of the leather molds. The leather is able to be used 12 times, but each time a new vase is cast into the mold, the shape comes out a little different.

Process explanation:
Each vase starts off as a simple pen drawing. Once Luft determines the approximate forms, he starts sketching the vases in a 3D Modeling software until he is happy with the shape.
Using the 3D model as a guide, Luft creates a fabric pattern for each mold.
The pattern is laid out on high-quality, beautifully textured leather. Each piece of the mold is cut-out and sewn together. Some of the patterns contain over 35 different leather pieces. Once the sewing is complete, the five molds (which at this point resemble inside-out handbags) are ready for casting.
Liquid porcelain is poured directly into each leather mold. Once dried, a seam ripper is used to delicately peal away the leather from the porcelain.
Each piece is fired in a kiln, a clear glaze is applied to the inside of the vases and they are fired a final time.

Dimensions from tallest to shortest:
4.5" D x 14.5" H
5" D x 11" H
4" D x 9.5" H
3.5" D x 7" H
3.5" D x 5" H.
Souda (Retailer), 
Luft Tanaka (Artist)
Production Type
Limited Edition
Production Time
It will take 9-10 weeks to make this piece
Of the Period
Place of Origin
United States
Date of Manufacture
Materials and Techniques
Cast   Porcelain
Excellent. Dimensions are approximate. Each piece comes out a bit different..
14 in. H
36 cm H
Dealer Location
Brooklyn, NY
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Since launching its debut collection in 2013, Souda has been making a name for itself as a ineffable force in the contemporary design world, by steadily introducing original modern furniture, lighting, and home accessories designed by a growing, global cohort of cutting-edge designers. Housed in a Brooklyn studio that was formerly a nightclub, the location is fitting for a brand ready to shake things up with designs that fluently combine sophistication and play. Beauty is found in the details, which is why Souda’s production and manufacturing process, tailored to each design, harmoniously combine the diligence of craft with the finesse of industry to ensure the highest-quality object arrives at your doorstep. We love every single piece we create, and we hope you will too.
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