Sorry, Full Bodied, Life Sized Articulated Artist Figure is not currently available.
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Life Size Horse Model

American Sculptures

Full Size Sculptural Depiction of a Horse. Used in an "Theatrical" Production in Ohio during the 1950's. ( A Production of AIDA.......OKLAHOMA..... a mystery..???) The Horse is Co...


Ancient Wooden Puppet Articulated Head

Unknown Primitives

This is a very early and delicate wooden puppet head. It could be Chinese but that's just a guess. I'll say it's late 1700's but could be a lot earlier. The mouth is a 2nd piece and...


Artist Pigment Storage Cabinet

Italian Cabinets

Hanging cabinet for storage of different colored pigment for use by artist. Each drawer had the color inside painted on the outside, scrapped off then repainted numerous times, resul...


Early Folk Art Whirligig- Articulated Worker Sa...

American Weathervanes


This is a wonderful mechanical Folk Art piece. It's impressive display at over 3 foot long. I has nice faded colors and a primitive raw wood rudder. The museum stand is included. Fo...


Liberian Dan Fetish Figure

Liberian Primitives


Showcasing the smooth, restrained sculptural style of the Dan people of Western Africa, this fetish figure from the early 20th century would have been called upon to bring good luck,...


Congolese Pende Altar Figure

Congolese Primitives

Wood, Paint

Pende diviners interpreted messages from the spirit realm to determine which of their ancestors would provide aid in return for sacrifices. This figure would have been carved for the...


Pre-Columbian Gold Male Figure


Unknown Primitives

This figure comes from the Quimbaya-Urabá culture of Columbia and Panama. The figure represents a very important dignitary, which can be inferred by the multiple pieces of jewelry he...


Pre-Columbian Gold Dignitary Figure


Colombian Tribal Art

This pendant was most likely meant to represent a sort of portrait of the bearer, an important chieftain or "cacique." The depicted male figure wears a crown or headdress, necklace, ...