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Neoclassical Oil on Canvas
European Paintings
In a gilt frame, this has been cleaned and relined. Centered with a female goddess, a young child feeding a lamb, within a round ring, flowers, leaves and branches. Below are flowers...
Oil on Canvas Neoclassical Setting
Italian Paintings
A youth holds a bird cage while looking up other birds. He is surrounded by buildings with crumbling facades, balustrades and statues. Is he looking to set his bird free or to captu...
19th Century French Neoclassical Painting Oil o...
French Paintings
Antique French painting of the first half of the 19th century. Work oil on canvas depicting neoclassical subject with characters of good pictorial hand. Painting of great measure for...
Continental Oil on Canvas of Two Figures Relaxi...
German Paintings
Two figures conversing under a rotting eaves with boats and nets among them, in period frame, signed Kuhn 1855, probably German.
French Neoclassical Baroque Oil on Canvas Paint...
Hubert Robert
French Paintings
18th-century French school of Hubert Robert oil on canvas painting of large size depicting Roman soldiers on horseback in a neoclassical architectural setting, or 'capriccio', with f...
Oil Painting on Canvas
A romantic oil painting on canvas of finely dressed young lady watching her lover depart, circa 1870.
Oil on Canvas
An oil on canvas, landscape of a river scene with people washing and horses being led across a ford, circa 1840.  
"YEN" Oil on Canvas
Sheila White
American Paintings
"Yen", Oil and oil based enamel paint on canvas over wood stretcher.