The Art piece Butterfly is about a daily choice to live free of fear and move toward freedom. A butterfly does not dwell on the ugly; it lives its short life each day for what it's worth. I put symbolism on each of the boxes that could remove an individual from freedom and into fear. It was essential to capture a single moment where the central figure chooses freedom, using empty boxes with symbolism to play as if they were a beautiful butterfly. There is a box with a gravestone with the word "paint" and a symbol of a hammer; This was a nod to the lesson I learned about grief; trying to solve grief with my mind was like painting a detailed picture with a hammer; it was just the wrong tool. Each box I drew has a personal significance of fear, yet the central figure empowers themself by using them to emulate the butterfly. The package with the “best foot leading forward” has butterflies to remind me of that daily choice.
Julia C Taft
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Julia Taft was born in Los Angeles, California. She is a signed artist by Art X Co. She is building a career in the Arts while pursuing an education in Art, and computer science. Her work is often inspired by life’s lessons and a desire to remain a life-long learner. It is often said that artists see things that others miss. For her, the artistic process allows her to remove herself from the hectic pace of life, to become an observer, and to engage a childlike imagination and wonder at what she sees which she expresses in the ethereal and sometimes whimsical images portrayed in her work. Her art helps move her life towards calm and peace and gives her more clarity with each artistic piece.