Kokky Tau, 2022
Featured In True Face

Celestial Devotion

She flows the way her heart glows, Made of finer petal than rose Brought the incense of celestial gold; Light comes with the hour of her motion, Spring came at her greeting, Bloomed with the galactic hours. Every soul expands with her to ethereal dance Each dream of completeness, set devotion
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MP4 Digital Video
2160 x 3040
Artwork CID: QmVqXK9RWhqgtmmikogGaJq6LCsuN5UjkhfCEW2HLjLFZN
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I am Kokky Tau, alias Kokokitsune multidisciplinary artist whouses illustrations mixed media, virtual reality and Ai to create immersive experiences for my art. My goal with this endeavour is been the world of digital art, AR, VR and Ai to create art that blurs the lines between the physical and meta physical worlds. I explore the meta physical stages of the human mind and psychological being. Neurogenic art deals with art through the subconscious mind and brings. In elements of fantasy, surrealism and mental state. I wish to create Iconique art to existing a galaxy, that it be an immersive experience that one is able to journey through from the conceptualised and imagined art to the final virtual & physical fashions