Electric Flow

Richard Garet’s Frame Compositions emphasizes both the title of the exhibition and a stylistic approach referencing the process applied to create such body of work. The works focus on shape and colors itself insisting on nothing beyond its borders. Each piece emerged from flash-instants in a continuous stream of generative video imagery exploring the qualities and potentials of time modulation and light emission. The work begins with a stream of layers of color and form put into a constant and non-repeating state of excited motion. From this visually overwhelming flow, Garet then pulls discreet frames, which become the starting points for the digital manipulations that in turn become sequential and the final work. Each frame asserts a form that threatens to overwhelm its borders. The perimeter balanced or conflicting across strict boundaries approaches a kind of incandescence through their saturation and combination. The moving image comprised of frame compositions has the quality of an actual source of light, bridging the worlds of reflective and emanative luminous phenomena.
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Digital Moving Image
1080 x 1080
Artwork CID: QmSRJHKPgwQZWPJxzn246NPcU7xStusQeJMTZpwjDeuEWd
Token Metadata CID: Qme6rtZp9regpzvAAuQ1EqNc6S5EytTYFeqrmiD7jHbAdz
Richard Garet is an artist interested in the evolution and the experience of art that has integrated into the digital file, transposing the medium's own natural distinct and significant constructs while also imposing its own virtual experiential condition. This condition articulates a realm of aesthetics unequivocally glorifying the apprehension of the screen’s luminous emission, the sight through evolving technologies, and the ethereal surface of the screen ultimately merging all mediums.


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