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Exponential Functions 154

In Sodeoka’s “Exponential Function: 154”, the exponents of old-school graphic arts — think Technicolor circular artifacts, gradient TV static stripes — rapidly unfurl as a moving, quotable history of geometric shapes and colors. Taking Wire’s 154 album cover artwork as an inspiration, the recurring motif of a DNA double helix twist references ranging from the geometric abstraction of Bridget Riley, Josef Albers and Frank Stella to the playful and irreverent British post-punk music packaging of Barney Bubbles and Peter Saville. Ultimately, it's acid flashbacks from a specific pivotal continuum in visual culture, processed through Sodeoka's distinctive feedback complexity.
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Yoshi Sodeoka explores a multitude of media and platforms which comprises video, gifs, and print. His neo-psychedelic style stems from his love of and background in music. Noise, punk, and metal all influenced his development of complex, mind-altering visuals. His practice involved the use of digital video feedback, footage samples and online imagery, and his videos’ audio soundscapes are often the result of intense collaborative work.