Rob Evans, 2022

Fossil II

An essay on the force of time, sustainability, and environmental crisis. Based on a 1997 mixed media drawing inspired by childhood memories of collecting fossils in the slag piles of the the strip mines near Plymouth, PA. The drawing incorporates an actual rubbing of a fern fossil which was scanned, printed out and worked around. The NFT brings an additional element of time to the work as smoke belches out from a distant colliery, clouds drift overhead and sunlight fades in and out.
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MP4 Digital Video
3016 x 2148
Artwork CID: QmRjCkadCUeHqjJ8mm3uZwhPMJuy3KUxDQtC9QzKuR4g3D
Token Metadata CID: Qmd2pLtU7cGFVY2AYStXHwQG8mDF71XXCtquboRWG7qgsp
Rob Evans is an American artist and independent curator whose works have been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally. His enigmatic paintings, drawings and prints can be found in many prominent public collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. Evans pioneered in digital printmaking in the 1990s as a participant in the Washington Portfolio published by Adamson Editions and is currently exploring in the NFT space.


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