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Imagine a vast space; immersive, abstract and unbound. The digital apeiron. Within that space time is a concept only realised when an observer is introduced to form it from their own perspective. Time in it’s chronos passes through them, but the meaning derived and the expanse of space connected to that time only manifests through the ephemeral moments, through the slices of reality we, humans, experience. It is virtual, ethereal and ultimately conceptual This is Kairochora. Creating within the virtual leads the artist to explore new horizons of their umwelt, their inner mind. The nature of the immersive, high focus environment propagates the shamanistic, the archetypal and ultimately the mythic understanding of the reality we try to recompose within the vast unbound apeiron of digital virtual canvass. It also evokes play, which we as creators nurture, the child-like state of wonder and possibility through unrestrained creative flow. Between these two states an artist, playing with the form techne of Chorismos, explores the mythic hyle, forming it through their own anima into a aggregate of symbolism, conceptual culture and primordial homo-centric truth. A world arises from the virtual. Seeded through the Chorismos it takes it’s own breath and forms through mythic creation of it’s own reality - heightening the verisimilitude of the anima mundi. This world, in it’s complexity of form and motion, could only exist in a micro slice of spacetime, formed from the digital substratum and emerging from the virtual apeiron to take it’s energeia as the ergon, the completion, of the Ktisis. To create a digital, technological mythos in the anima mundi of the virtual world, as a form of epic digital poetry in motion... This is: KAIROCHORA KTISIS
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MP4 Digital Video
4096 x 2160
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Ogi is an artist, an animator, a designer - a world creator. These worlds are a comprehensive meme-constructs of the psych neuro schema, heralding directly from the umwelt. Ogi is working with meta-narrative, sowing mythos of the psychohistory through the digital metaverse. Fascinated with immersive and it’s content rich, meta-reality multi-media narrative, integration and responsive workflow Ogi synergises the hi-tech nature of VR and CG digital with meticulous handcrafted work. Through the creative practice Ogi strives to explore newfound horizons which VR brings to us, shaping our collective conscious with new pathways for imagination and communication. To blaze a beacon of possibility for future gen. With the power of VR and the way of animation Ogi creates new worlds and meta-realities. Chorismos is such a world….


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