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Liquid Time

Liquid Time poses a subtle comment on an issue that should already be on everyone’s mind — Climate Change. At first glance, the scene is dreamy and utopian... but something isn’t right. Is time moving or is it standing still? Time can feel infinite, but ultimately it’s passing. In every moment that passes, the ocean is rising. I’ve approached this issue through a lens of hope, with “Liquid Time” being a reference to the fluidity of time and life — we still have time to turn things around.
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3000 x 2306
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Inspired by minimalism, surrealism and ubiquitous sculptural forms, Jessica reimagines the world through a contemporary art lens. Her work aims to evoke peace & calm, whilst bending the concept of reality as we know it; playing with the line between the real and surreal. Jessica has been active in the creative industry since 2010, working closely with some of the world’s leading brands. She has had art featured across the globe, including in Vogue Australia, Art Premium magazine Paris, 1stDibs Introspective NYC, Akasaka Tokyo, Slowdown Studio LA and in Cryptoportal – Prague’s first NFT art gallery.


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