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Memories of Qilin #20

Memories of Qilin is inspired by traditional East Asian art. It channels the sense of movement and fluidity found in classical Chinese brushwork, while drawing from the colors, patterns, and forms of ukiyo-e woodblock prints. The series explores elements of folklore, evoking the mythological imagery of dragons, phoenixes, flowers, and mountains. The title references a fabled chimerical beast found throughout East Asian mythology (while the qilin is its Chinese name, it is also known in Korea as the girin and Japan as the kirin) that represents prosperity and luck. Viewers are invited to interpret elusive forms that verge on representation. As with the stories passed on through generations, each piece is imagined, organic, and ever-in-flux.
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Exhibition Notes

San Francisco–based crypto creatvie Emily Xie, who uses AI to delve into the tradition of East Asian woodblock printing, bridges the gap between the digital and the physical world. Her generative series “Memories of Qilin” evokes the textures and patterns of the ancient art form while deconstructing its myths and symbolism through fragmented visuals that conjure up their own abstract, organic and even zoomorphic shapes.

“What’s quite incredible about Emily’s works is how handmade they look, as if each rendering had been drawn on paper,” says “Coded Elegance” curator Sarah Meyohas. “Also, she’s a girl, and female cryptoartists are underrepresented in this field.”