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Daniel Ambrosi

Mining Nightfall Quintet Cube



This interactive 3D model is based on an award-winning physical art object I designed and built in 2011. In this project I sought to develop a novel framing mechanism of purposeful extravagance for displaying five images printed on glass. Rather than focusing on the imagery alone and allowing the framing mechanism to disappear, I chose to celebrate the display architecture as well as my own former life as an architect. For this virtual NFT sculpture on 1stDibs, I've selected five details from my “Mining Nightfall” Dreamscape, which reimagines a twilight scene I photographed in Central Park in April 2013.
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2000 x 2000 px
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Daniel Ambrosi

Daniel Ambrosi

Daniel Ambrosi is recognized as one of the founding creators of the emerging AI art movement and is noted for the nuanced balance he achieves in human-AI hybrid art. Based near Silicon Valley in Half Moon Bay, California, Ambrosi has been exploring novel methods of visual presentation for almost 40 years since entering the Program of Computer Graphics at Cornell University where he earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree and a Masters in 3D Graphics. In 2011, Ambrosi devised a unique form of computational photography that generates exceptionally immersive landscape images. More recently, Ambrosi's "Dreamscapes" build upon his previous experiments by adding a powerful new graphics tool to his artistic workflow: an enhanced version of “DeepDream,” a computer vision program evolved from Google engineers’ desire to visualize the inner workings of Deep Learning artificial intelligence models. With proprietary access to a customized version of DeepDream expressly modified by two brilliant software engineers, Joseph Smarr (Google) and Chris Lamb (NVIDIA), to operate successfully on his giant images, Ambrosi has been empowered to develop large scale artworks that display exquisite sensitivity and intricacy. Ambrosi's engaging AI-augmented artworks and grand format landscape images have been exhibited at international conferences, art fairs, and gallery shows, installed in major tech offices, featured in multiple publications, and are collected by enthusiastic patrons worldwide.