The Sleepover


It's Friday night and this is a very special day. You had to wait a whole excruciating school week for this day and you are going to enjoy every second of it. The moment the school bell rang for the end of the day on Friday you launched from your desk as a rocket ship and rushed home to wait for your friend. In a not so long time — that you perceived as an eternity — he shows up at your door, hands full of microwave popcorn, movies from a video shop and his brother's Playstation games. This night is going to be epic! You get the stuff ready, what's important is to have everything set right near you. Sweets, soda, popcorn, all the games and movies, everything has to be set right at your finger tips, so you can submerge into the night. You spend it by doing all this stuff, without realising how fast time passes by. In the blink of an eye, it's morning and you are still sitting in front of the screen, eyes hurting, playing Super Mario Bros trying to defeat Ukiki the Monkey without much of knowledge that in a few years time, you are going to try to get yet another Monkey. But for now, it's all about Friday nights. This one ended already, but in just 6 days, you are gonna get another, and it's gonna be epic!
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I am a visual artist from Prague in his late twenties who came a long way to actually realize he is an artist and decided to go for it. In my professional history, I staggered between GDPR assurance, financial management, business economics, project management and graphic design, never being happy. Never finding the thing I wanted to do. Eventually I realized that the one thing I can actually be great at is conveying melancholic emotions and nostalgic feelings through visual arts, so I went for it. And here we are. In my art you can find yourself submerged into a typical situations from any late 90s/early 00s childhood, tinged with modern web3 and crypto references. Monopoly wagmi edition, yellow pages with eth addresses instead of phone numbers, Pokémon cards with NFTs instead of Pokémons. I am trying to connect our adulthood personas with the playful children within the each of us.