Sudfah #28

Sudfah (Arabic for "happy accident") is a generative collection celebrating the beauty that can emerge from chaos, mistakes, and accidents. A single calligraphic line intends to tell one story (sometimes wandering and confused in its own right, but always meandering from one side to the other). Digital liquid is spilled upon it and takes the ink in directions that are unexpected, uncontrolled, and tell a much more interesting story than the one the line intended.... and often more beautiful.
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Melissa Wiederrecht (1988-) is a Generative Artist from America, living and working in Saudi Arabia. She chose generative art as her career after earning an MS in Computer Science in 2014. Having been fascinated by code-generated art for more than 20 years, Melissa continuously pushes the boundaries of generative art as a medium, both technically and aesthetically. She is an Artblocks Curated artist, and released “Sudfah” on Artblocks in June 2022. She has released several collections on fxhash (including “Zbageti”, “Solitude”, “Orbs”, and others), and has also worked on generative Surface Pattern Design, creating dozens of collections to be digitally printed on surfaces of products. Melissa was influenced in her practice by Jared Tarbell and Tyler Hobbs, many traditional abstract artists, and Islamic art and culture. Her work tends to center on the theme of the paradoxes between order vs. chaos, intention vs. accident, and control vs. randomness. Her work is often colorful and creatively combines blurs, textures, and linework. In recent work, her primary tools of choice are p5.js and GLSL fragment shaders. She will be participating in numerous soon-to-be-announced exhibitions and has a growing body of work available to be purchased on OpenSea and fxhash.


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