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Photography: Roger Davies

Grand Salon

Country House by Philip Nimmo Inc. in Shasta Lake, CA

This is the story of an opportunity. After 20 years of waiting, Philip Nimmo's client had the opportunity to buy the property next door and achieve her dream of adding onto her home and creating beautiful French gardens around the property. What initially began as an addition became a 2,500-square-foot “closet retreat.” The closet itself is like a garden, a series of curated spaces sheathed in a hand-painted floral wallpaper that reflect the resident's love of Parisian furniture and fashion. Entry to the "closet" from the main house is through a perfume room, where a floor-to-ceiling pop art painting of Marie Antoinette by Rimi Yang reigns over some 75 vintage crystal bottles. In the sitting room, across from an Ann Getty French desk, is a portrait of Jackie Onassis, painted by Aaron Shikler, which Nimmo bid on for his client at Sotheby's Jackie Kennedy auction in New York in 1996. Says Nimmo, my client loves "old world, Hollywood glamour," and that is the mood I aspired to create.

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