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Apartment by Doug Meyer Studio in

This project was inspired by Meyer’s favorite room in the world - of which he has only ever seen in photos - the suite aboard the Andrea Doria (which sank in 1956) called the Zodiac Suite designed by Piero Fornasetti and Gio Ponti - what inspired Meyer were the walls - silk screen images of symbols of the zodiac done in blue and white - his version is done in shells (hence the Miami Beach location) - the process is a version of églomisé - reverse screened on clear plexi-glass then painted.

The color palette of pink/purple and white is a combination he has loved since childhood – when he was 10 years old after much pleading, yelling he convinced his mother to have his bedroom painted pink . When designing this space Meyer was channeling about a Barbie World meeting Barbarella – living in Palm Springs – no particular time period – the influences on the space rand from the early 1950s thru the mid 1970s.

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Photography: Mark Roskams