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Photography: William Abranowicz / Art and Commerce

The Ranch

Country House by Matt Blacke Inc in Los Angeles, CA

The Ranch, a twenty-six acre property just north of Los Angeles, features eight separate structures dating back to the 1920s surrounded by oak trees and trails. Each existing structure has been re-interpreted in function and design. A barn, the hub and heart of the property, presents a tranquil and stimulating space to dine, entertain, to paint or play the vintage American upright piano. Another cabin, built from the ground up to compliment the existing structures and landscape, by Jay Holman, is used as a master suite. Gijs Bakkers stacking chairs are arranged around a nineteenth-century oval table and sit atop a nineteenth-century Swedish rug in the open kitchen area. The Ranch is a retreat to simple living amongst beloved antique and design collections, surrounded by nature.