Sorry, Robert Rauschenberg SCATTERGRAM, 1979 1977 is not currently available.
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Cowbags - South American Pond

Robert Rauschenberg


The item is an original print signed by contemporary artists Robert Rauschenberg and David Bradshaw, entitled "Cowbags - South America Pond". It is a very limited edition print creat...


Narcissus, from ROCI USA (Wax Fire Works)

Robert Rauschenberg

Enamel, Stainless Steel, Acrylic Polymer, Wax

Artist: Robert Rauschenberg, American (1925 - 2008) Title: Narcissus, from ROCI USA (Wax Fire Works) Year: 1990 Medium: Acrylic, Enamel, and Fire Wax on Stainless Steel Edition: 22; ...


Publicon Station VI

Robert Rauschenberg

Mixed Media

Mixed Media- Wood, acrylic, lacquer, collaged silk, cotton fabric, bottle caps Edition of 30


Publicon Station V

Robert Rauschenberg

Mixed Media

Sculptures, Wood with 1/8 inch aluminum coated with nitrocellulose lacquer, collaged silk and cotton fabrics, brick, baked epoxy enamel over polished aluminum, plexigras and a lightb...



Robert Rauschenberg

Plexiglass, Mixed Media, Screen

Colored Screenprints on Plexi (10) On Plexi base, in Stainless Steel box Edition of 230


Birthday Drawing

Robert Rauschenberg

Other Medium

Unique mono-rransfer (toner transfer) drawing on hand-torn Paper Signed "Bob ´92" bottom center. Includes registration number from the Rauschenberg Foundation


Les Marsens

Rita Letendre

Paper, Casein

Casein on paper



Frank Leonard Brooks

Mixed Media

Mixed media collage on masonite