Ben Fenske
Summer Afternoon

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Painted en plein-air at his new farmhouse in Chianti, Italy, Fenske paints a group of friends relaxing at a table on the terrace. A young girl stands near the sitting dog to the right. A green bottle on the table sits beside a classic french press. The distant landscape is full of greenery and a blue sky.

Ben Fenske (b. 1978) although a native of Minnesota, and has been working and living in Sag Harbor, New York and Florence, Italy for the last 7 years. An oil painter in the spirit of the 19th and 20th century impressionists, he often chooses informal and contemporary scenes with an implied narrative. His work, which features brash and suggestive brushstrokes, delights in light and color and is regularly exhibited in shows across the US. Fenske has been the subject of countless national articles, notably the American Artist Magazine which included him as one of the Best 25 Living Artists in 2012.


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    39.3 in. H x 47.2 in. W
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    Sag Harbor, NY
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