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Absolut Art is an online retailer committed to collapsing borders in the art world. We scout pioneering artists from dynamic scenes across the globe and bring their work straight to your walls. We’re art-curious, so that you can be too. You see, art is in Absolut’s DNA. In 1986, Andy Warhol became enamored by the Swedish brand’s apothecary-inspired bottle, declaring: “I love the design. I want to do something with it.” And so began a relationship that snowballed into 600 more. In the 30 years that followed, Keith Haring, Louise Bourgeois and Damien Hirst all joined the...Read More

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Wind nr. 2
Wind nr. 2
2010s Contemporary Abstract Prints
Archival Ink, Archival Paper
Digitally inspired, made real “I like when you can tell it’s been made with your own hands" Ollio is moved by TV, Instagram and the world around him. A true graffiti artist of ...
Eckley O
Eckley O
2010s Contemporary Landscape Prints
Archival Ink
JPW3 examines man’s quest for energy “The toxic orange in my submission for Absolut Art references the explosive power of coal, and the haze left in its wake.” JPW3 works in p...
2010s Street Art Figurative Prints
Archival Ink, Spray Paint
Luxury meets bright, brazen street art. A Chanel fragrance bottle finds itself reinterpreted by Oliw87's genuine, quick and dirty graffiti. “I wanted to explore how people in a posh...
Diffusion 02
Diffusion 02
Wing Shya
Early 2000s Contemporary Color Photography
Archival Ink
Life on fire. All shades of red and orange in this electric fashion editorial photo of the subject determinedly arranging a cigarette in a neon-lit space. "Diffusion 02" by Wing Shya...
Untitled (#2)
The Artist Representative
2010s Contemporary Mixed Media
Archival Ink
The Artist Representative takes inspiration from 16th century Italy “In our images, the performer embodies a plastic, heroic strength while maintaining a vulnerable, human quali...
Any Monkey Can Beat The Market
Lisa Törner
2010s Contemporary Animal Drawings and Watercolors
Ink, Archival Ink, Color Pencil, Other Medium
"He’s not thrilled about it. A sketched Proboscis monkey is colored by the stocks and numbers of the daily news, whether he likes it or not." Artist Lisa Törner live and works in St...
Fun Frog A
Frog King
2010s Contemporary Mixed Media
Archival Ink
A live body installation! “It’s our original first nature to use our bodies" Have you been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Frog King? You’d know, because you’d be a walking ...
Gustav Wiking
2010s Contemporary Black and White Photography
Archival Ink
Pretty, gritty and in between. Inspiring daydreams Gustav Wiking’s photography to ask us to consider more deeply man’s place in life and in the world. Juxtaposing subjects with...
Tourists in Vienna
Lisa Törner
2010s Contemporary Animal Drawings and Watercolors
Archival Ink
Growing up in an artist's studio “I am fascinated by animals, especially those who are not always considered beautiful.” Lisa Törner live and works in Stockholm but was born in...
Polka Dots
Stina Persson
2010s Contemporary Figurative Drawings and Watercolors
A break from the limelight. An enigmatic watercolor painting of a woman lives as an interpretation of Ida’s design, her beauty fading gently into the page. Uniting the artful gifts ...
Bird #98 (Aquila Audax)
Erik Berglin
2010s Street Art Color Photography
Adhesive, Photographic Paper
Erik plays with perception “When that particular song is on, you just start dancing.” Aha. That’s that moment Erik weaves into his work. His art catches your eye, draws you in and ...
Cryptic voice
Ali Kepenek
2010s Contemporary Color Photography
Photographic Paper
Ali is the outsider with the inside scoop “I have always considered myself to be an outcast, which is why I toy with this idea of outsiders or people who are considered different.” ...

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