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Carswell Rush Berlin, Inc. is a New York City-based private dealer of American antique furniture and decorative accessories of the Classical period 1800-1840, that has been serving private clients, museums and the design trade for over 25 years. The firm offers outstanding, authentic examples of furniture, period lighting and fireplace equipment inspired by classical antiquity, in excellent condition, every item backed by extensive research and an unconditional guarantee to be as described. Mr. Berlin is widely regarded as a top expert in this field and has lectured ...Read More

Carswell Rush Berlin, Inc.

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Featured Pieces

Antique 1820-1829 Italy Neoclassical Fireplaces and Mantels
Continental Europe, probably Italy, second quarter of the 19th century. The oblong mantel piece with molded base above a pair of carved classical dancing maidens flanking the fire...
Messenger and Sons
Antique 1820-1829 England Regency Chandeliers and Pendants
Rare and fine lacquered brass twenty-four-light chandelier. Attributed to Messenger & Son, (active 1828-1831). Birmingham & London, England, circa 1830. The foliate cano...
Antique 1830-1839 United States American Classical Center Tables
American, circa 1830-1835. The circular top with pie-slice-shaped flitches for flame mahogany radiating from a central point above a tapering three-sided pedestal faced with flame...
Isaac Vose
Antique 1820-1829 United States William IV Sofas
Boston, circa 1820-1830. Each with a highly figured, shaped crest with carved volutes above an upholstered back and anthemion-carved broken scroll arms, the upholstered seat above...
Antique Mid-19th Century England Gothic Revival Chandeliers and Pendants
English or American, 1840-1860 H: 37½," Diameter: 23" The Gothic style was popular in England throughout the Regency period as evidenced by the multiple illustration...
Richard Parkin
Antique 1830-1839 United States Neoclassical Dining Room Chairs
Upholstery, Mahogany
Attributed to Richard Parkin (1787-1861) Philadelphia, circa 1835 The carved crest element centered on the top edge of the curved crest tablet back with highly figured veneer and...
Duncan Phyfe
Antique 1810-1819 United States Sheraton Night Stands
Brass, Mahogany
Attributed to Duncan Phyfe (1770-1854) New York, circa 1820 The rectangular top with out-set "cookie corners" above a conforming case with three drawers, the top drawer...
Thomas Cook
Antique 1830-1839 United States American Classical Lounge Chairs
Upholstery, Mahogany
Possibly by Cook & Parkin (active1819-1833). Philadelphia, circa 1830. The lotus-carved arched crest rail above a beaded frame holding an upholstered back, hinged at the base...
Antique 1830-1839 United States American Classical Dining Room Chairs
Ultrasuede, Mahogany
Comprising 11 side chairs and an armchair, Philadelphia, circa 1830. The slightly curved tablet crest rail held between incised styles with pyramidal tops and distinctively curve...
Antique 1830-1839 United States American Classical Pier Mirrors and Cons...
Mirror, Wood
Rectangular frame with carved corner rosettes and palm from carving, Boston, circa 1830. Condition: Excellent; Retaining original gilding, mirror plate and back boards.
Antique 1820-1829 England Regency Table Lamps
Patinated, matte and burnished lacquered brass with glass prisms.
Antique 1820-1829 Europe Neoclassical Garniture
Cylix-form urns with serpent handles, retaining antique, probably undisturbed surface.

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