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Chetkin Gallery, established in 1987 by Don and Carol Lynn Chetkin, is an International Fine Art Gallery with a special emphasis on Contemporary European painters. The Gallery is located in a charming, historic building in the marina area of Red Bank, New Jersey. The Gallery's selection of internationally renowned painters has evolved from a handful of French artists to about four dozen artists from France, China, England, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia, the Ukraine, Holland and Canada. The ambiance of the gallery is Classical Impressionism, Post Impressionism, an...Read More

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The Hut under the Snow (La Cabane Sous la Neige)
Jacques Carpentier
21st Century Impressionist Landscape Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
This quaint snow scene is painted by French artist, Jacques Carpentier. He adds wonderful textural qualities to his work through his paint application. A small shed is framed by moun...
Le Moulin de Vauboyen à Bièvres
Monique Journod
21st Century Impressionist Landscape Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
In this painting, Monique Journod departs slightly from her still lifes, and creates a beautiful landscape that draws on the floral subjects that appear in many of her paintings. Pop...
Citry sur Marne (Village de Rance)
Georges Blouin
20th Century Impressionist Landscape Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
A piece from the estate of the late Georges Blouin. He was a renowned French painter known for his vibrant colors and versatile style, which is demonstrated in this beautiful landsca...
La douce Pascaline
Henri Landier
2010- Modern Nude Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
This stunning painting by Henri Landier is a wonderful example of his vibrant and complementary style. The bold pattern work in vibrant blues and red-oranges complements the simplici...
Alain Bonnefoit
21st Century Impressionist Nude Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
Alain Bonnefoit is known as Europe's most renowned painter of nudes. This painting illustrates his impeccable understanding of form. The beautiful colors and patterns frame the body ...
Pink Roses in Vase
Judith Levin
21st Century Impressionist Still-life Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
Judith Levin paints a sweet, petit format still life here. She brings simplicity, and at the same time, depth to her paintings. A small branch of pink roses are delicately set in a g...
The Hydrangea (L'Hortensia)
Marc le Coultre
21st Century Impressionist Landscape Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
This idyllic garden scene is painted by French artist, Marc le Coultre. He has a wonderful modern touch in his work. This, paired with his vibrant colors, creates a unique and refres...
Paris by Night
Samir Sammoun
21st Century Impressionist Landscape Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
Samir Sammoun brings an original Impressionistic take on Paris in the evening. His brushstrokes bring movement to the piece. Primary colors drive the painting. Samir Sammoun was ...
Marrée Basse (Low Tide)
James MacKeown
21st Century Impressionist Figurative Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
This soft beach scene is painted by Irish artist, James MacKeown. His impressionistic technique captures the colors of light blues and purples in thick brushstrokes the create a wond...
Tea Time (L'Heure du Thé)
Simone Balvi
21st Century Impressionist Portrait Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
Balvi, a Neo-Impressionist, brings a beautiful and soft simplicity to this garden scene. She paints a woman, in a beautiful periwinkle dress, reading a book during her tea time. A go...
Place du marché de fleurs
Claudette Castonguay
2010- Other Art Style Figurative Paintings
Canvas, Acrylic Paint
This whimsical flower market scene is painted by Canadian artist, Claudette Castonguay. She uses bright pops of color throughout the piece, particularly in the buildings, flowers and...
Summer's Flowers
Li Zhong Liang
21st Century Impressionist Figurative Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
Li Zhong Liang flawlessly combines Classicism, Realism and Impressionism to create a unique mood and captivate his viewer. He beautifully portrays the interactions between the boy an...

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