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DETOUR Gallery is a 10,000 Sq.ft. contemporary art center located in the arts district of Downtown Red Bank, NJ. Consisting of three main exhibitions spaces and several exterior locations for artistic engagement. The only thing we specialize in is displaying and selling phenomenal Art that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere except at World Class Art Fairs. At DETOUR we believe in breaking barriers of the art world by providing a venue for talented emerging artists. We have an array of art from these rising artists which consists of realistic, abstract, outsider...Read More

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Featured Pieces

Winter Morning
Tracy Silva Barbosa
2010- Contemporary Landscape Paintings
Canvas, Mixed Media, Acrylic Paint
Tracy Silva Barbosa Winter Morning, 2015 Mixed media on canvas 45.62 x 20.25 inches ;Diptych
Esteban Jimenez Guerra
2010- Contemporary Portrait Paintings
Mixed Media, Acrylic Paint, Gouache
Selfie, 2014 Mixed media on canvas 20 x 16 inches
Lady From Berlin
Peter Robert Keil
1980-1989 Contemporary Figurative Paintings
Oil Paint
The face of this German women has been divided into different triangular sections with thick black lines. Each section is painted differently with a solid color; her eyes have been p...
Afro Tec
Ron Haywood Jones
2010- Street Art Figurative Paintings
Mixed Media, Acrylic Paint
Afro Tec, 2016 Mixed media on canvas 38 x 28 inches
The Ugly Duckling
Kremena Lefterova
2010- Contemporary Figurative Sculptures
Stoneware, Glaze
Kremena is a Bulgarian-born artist and sculptor based in Princeton, New Jersey. She graduated from the Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria, with a degree in Industrial Design and...
1986 Challenger
2000-2009 Street Art Mixed Media
Mixed Media, Screen Print
1986 Challenger, c.2001 Silkscreen on paper 12 x 18 inches 18.5 x 24.5 inches FAILE is an artist collaboration pronounced “fail” that is comprised of Patrick McNeil (Canadian, b. 19...
2000-2009 Street Art More Prints
Mixed Media, Screen Print, Stencil
Explode, c.2001 Silkscreen and stencil on graph paper 14.75 x 66 inches; triptych 24.5 x 75.5 inches; framed
Give Me Space
Holly Suzanne Rader
2010- Contemporary Portrait Paintings
Mixed Media, Acrylic Paint
Clara Bow is in a world of her own while being adorned with out-of-this-world accessories. Her indifferent attitude is illustrated well with the words on her shirt “Give me Space.” ...
Holly Suzanne Rader
2010- Contemporary Portrait Paintings
Textile, Paper, Mixed Media, Acrylic Paint, Magazine Paper
Though Tallulah Bankhead eyes are closed, her eyes still glimmer through a mask made of hand-arranged crystals. Tallulah graciously bows her head to show off a habitat of glittering ...
The Prince Eager To Be Kissed
Kremena Lefterova
2010- Figurative Sculptures
Kremena Lefterova The Prince Eager To Be Kissed, 2013 Glazed stoneware 22 x 14.5 x 14 inches (Inv# KL19)
Nuns on Rooftop
Early 20th Century Modern Figurative Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
Nuns On The Rooftop, c.1920 Oil on canvas 22 x 28 inches
Untitled (City Abstraction)
Irving George Lehman
1940-1949 Modern Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
Irving George Lehman Untitled (City Abstraction), c.1940 Oil on canvas 36 x 24 inches

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