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About disegno Karina Gentinetta, llc
Karina Gentinetta, who was born in Buenos Aires and moved to New Orleans at age 12, is a graceful combination of sophistication and Southern charm. A lawyer for 13 years, she found herself at a crossroads after losing her home during Hurricane Katrina. Turning to art and design for solace, the self-taught artist and vintage furnishings collector was inspired to leave the law to pursue her creative passions in the aftermath of the storm. Creative from an early age and with a keen eye for the rare and beautiful, Gentinetta began curating vintage furnishings from around the world. In addition to her vintage furnishings and lighting, Gentinetta’s paintings have acquired a strong following. Redolent of the shattered landscape of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, her vast and audacious paintings evoke the broken frames of flooded homes and the city's devastated infrastructure. The artist uses materials that are purposely indicative of construction sites, including wall plaster, varnish and house paint acrylics, imbuing the works with both a subjective symbolism and forceful aesthetic. Using a monochromatic color scale, the stark paintings juxtapose opposing sentiments including vulnerability and strength, chaos and balance. The bold, abstract compositions speak to a multiplicity of themes including grief and despair, but above all celebrate the triumph of rebirth and hope over loss and devastation. Gentinetta’s works have received national and international recognition.
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