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ELOQUENCE® has stayed true to its roots importing fine antique furniture, lighting, architectural elements and décor directly from Europe. Amelia and Kim Redmond, designer-owners of the furniture brand ELOQUENCE®, find their inspiration in old-world European interiors. They travel all over, scouring the globe for antique and vintage pieces that “speak to them”, and embody the essence of eloquence for their valued customers and clients. The very best of their antique finds are brought to new life by Amelia and Kim in their ELOQUENCE® Collection, a boutique line of hand...Read More


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Lyre Sideboard in Distressed White Finish
Lyre Sideboard in Distressed White Finish
21st Century and Contemporary Sideboards
The lyre sideboard in distressed white finish is a re-edition of a Gustavian period antique. Gustavian furniture was heavily influenced by neoclassical motifs, such as the lyre, a my...
"Chvp13077" Chandelier
"Chvp13077" Chandelier
Antique 1880s Chandeliers and Pendants
This amazing Pietmontaise chandelier features elaborate metal work lending to a feeling of substance and royalty. Gorgeously distressed metal blends perfectly with the romantic baske...
Antique French Chandelier with Glass Crystals
Antique French Chandelier with Glass Crystals
Antique Early 1900s Chandeliers and Pendants
Delicate antique chandelier with a plethora of small crystal beads interconnecting the six arms. Light, peach colored teardrop crystal balls decorate the underside of this fabulous l...
Antique French Glass Crystal Chandelier
Antique French Glass Crystal Chandelier
Antique Early 1900s Chandeliers and Pendants
Gorgeous chandelier with heavy crystals, elegantly draped beads cascade downward from the center and connect to the eight arms. Candles are cupped in etched crystal bowls and connect...
Antique French Ballroom Chandelier
Antique 1870s Chandeliers and Pendants
Gorgeous antique basket style chandelier with eight arms. A Cascade of glass beads gives this beautiful light shape and adds to the splendid presentation. Heavy faceted crystals are ...
Antique Acanthus Leaf Framed Mirror in Dark Gol...
Antique 1880s Wall Mirrors
This simple framed antique mirror with beveled glass has a thick frame with repeating floral and leaf motif. Small beads surround the inner frame. The glass has yellowed somewhat. Sw...
Antique French Rectangle Wall Mirror
Antique 1880s Wall Mirrors
This tall and slender Louis XVI style mirror features clean lines and classic geometric designs. The frame is slender and gives this mirror perfect balance. The glass has two small i...
Antique French Provincial Gilt Mirror
Vintage 1910s French Table Mirrors
Small vintage mirror in bright gilt. The large prominent crest features a swirl design with a central urn. Simple beading frames the glass. Adorable in a bathroom or hallway above a ...
Antique Louis Phillipe Mirror with Elaborate Crest
Antique 1890s French Wall Mirrors
Stunning antique mirror in light gilt and distressed white finish. Some scratches on the glass showcasing the age of this beauty. Thick twisting ropes decorate the frame and an elabo...
Antique French Provincial Cabinet
Antique Early 1900s French Dressers
Provincial elegant two-door antique cabinet refinished in a lovely mineral grey with hand glazed touches. Original hardware and working keys.
Antique Pair of Armchairs in Stripe Fabric
Antique 1880s French Armchairs
Charming antique French Louis XVI style armchairs. Very finely carved delicate frame with beautiful two-tone painted finish in pale grey and dark oyster. Upholstered in a beige, whit...
Antique Wall Console with Marble Top
Antique Early 1900s French Side Tables
Romantic French antique wall console with white marble top and soft edge. Beautiful hand-forged scrolling details in wrought iron and painted black with the slightest hints of gold.

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