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Vintage 1910-1919 Edwardian Engagement Rings
A perfect Edwardian engagement ring, or right hand ring, set with 1.02 cts total weight of Old European Diamonds, and at the shoulders six rose diamonds weighing .08 bringing the tot...
Glorious Antique Jewelry Collection
Antique 1820-1829 George III More Necklaces
We study the intricacy of this rare Berlin Iron necklace from the early 19th century in thrill and awe. Orderly tangles of iron vines dance in circles reminiscent of Matisse's painti...
Glorious Antique Jewelry Collection
Antique 1870-1879 Victorian Chain Necklaces
An unusual 18kt chain holding a toggle, fob, watch key and slide. All are set with hard stone agates and are engraved to make the attachments look like flowers. The slide functions ...
Antique 1840-1849 Victorian Pendant Necklaces
Puffy repousse engraving, on 15 kt gold, secures a substantial nugget of rock crystal that spins showing all surfaces. Only through the clear crystal can you decipher the scrolls on ...
Mid-20th Century Artist Pendant Necklaces
A large pendant egg shimmers with vivid teal green guilloche enamel on which six rose diamonds are set in a crown and bow banner atop a silver wreath. Full Russian Hallmarks for Leni...
Glorious Antique Jewelry Collection
Antique 1830-1839 Georgian Chandelier Earrings
Adjectives galore can be applied to describe this pair of sumptuous pendant earrings. They are stately, romantic, exuberantly cheerful and thoroughly bewitching. In original conditio...
Glorious Antique Jewelry Collection
Vintage 1940-1949 More Rings
This is a ring that is handsome on a man, beautiful on a lady. Deep repose engraving shoulder an open torah displaying the Ten Commandments in Hebrew. Gold and lustrous navy are the ...
Glorious Antique Jewelry Collection
Antique Late 19th Century Victorian Charm Bracelets
Victorian and Georgian fobs , all intricately engraved, are connected to a 15ct bracelet making an original, antique charm bracelet. The charms are large, strong and dramatic. Each...
Glorious Antique Jewelry Collection
Antique Early 19th Century Georgian More Necklaces
Weightless woven iron, sometimes called Silesian wirework, sometimes called Berlin Iron, has a vague history. There is precious little of it outside of European museums. It is remar...
Glorious Antique Jewelry Collection
Antique Early 19th Century Georgian More Bracelets
One of the most compelling 18th century portraits is this young ginger haired girl with voluminous red curls. The parchment miniature is set in 18kt gold. Her features are fine, he...
Glorious Antique Jewelry Collection
Antique 1890-1899 Victorian Brooches
A jewel of a Scottish agate brooch proudly shows a faceted cairngorm at top set in half of an inch of engraved gold and followed by carnelian, montrose agate and bloodstone. Each se...
Glorious Antique Jewelry Collection
Vintage 1910-1919 Art Nouveau Brooches
Ruby eyes and a diamond tongue give this Art Nouveau solid gold lion brooch the suggestion of a complex character that can be full of surprises. With a passionate roar, he or she, ...

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