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Antique 18th Century Mexico Spanish Colonial Religious Items
Base or stand for an important sculpture or artifact. There are five carved angel heads with wings protruding from the base.
Mid-20th Century Viet Nam Colonial Revival Ceramics
Clay, Earthenware
Glazed ceramic herons in the French Colonial style depicted as if they were standing in water with water plants at their feet.
Antique 18th Century Mexico Spanish Colonial Animal Sculptures
Gesso, Silver Leaf, Wood
These anthropomorphic lions/dogs are Spanish Colonial motif found in 18th century decors.    
Antique 19th Century Mexico Primitive Primitives
These masks were used in a ceremony depicting the eviction of the Spaniards from indigenous villages in the mountains of Guerrero Mexico. Silver masks were worn by the leaders of th...
Antique 17th Century Peru Spanish Colonial Center Tables
Finished on all four sides and angled for use a console against a wall or floating in a room, this piece would add quality and distinction to any foyer or entryway. Top is plain wit...
Mid-20th Century Mexico Art Deco Jars
Glazed terracotta jars with dragons climbing on them in the same material. Celedon color jars and the integrated dragons are decorated in muted colors. Tonalá has been known for cent...
Mid-20th Century Mexico Modern Armchairs
Curved Lucite and metal bolts. These chairs can be used like an armchair, high stool or side chair. They have been retrofitted to raise the seats for a more contemporary application.
Antique Late 18th Century Bolivia Spanish Colonial Sterling Silver
These magnificent sterling silver candlesticks are signed and dated with the owners name. There are visible marks by the maker on the bottom. They are spool design with some repoussé...
Mid-20th Century Mexico Tribal Masks
These masks depict jaguars and tigers used in ceremonies dedicated to a combative nature of feline/canine dances. Also used to enhance fertility and agriculture success. They are ma...
Antique Late 18th Century Mexico Baroque Religious Items
Gilt and polychromed statue of the virgin "Inmaculada Concepción" on a base festooned with angel faces.
Antique Late 18th Century Peru Spanish Colonial Chairs
Leather, Wood
Overscale Peruvian chair with adorning eagle crown known traditionally as a Frailero (Fryer's Chair) was handcrafted in Trujillo with detailed carved aliso (high altitude water cypre...
Antique Mid-19th Century Indonesia Other Ceramics
Cobalt blue glazed clay jars used as shipping containers in South East Asia.

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