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Night Mother
Night Mother
Price Upon Request
Early 20th Century Paintings
A haunting work of solitary contemplation.
C. Jack
20th Century United States Primitive Outsider and Self Taught Art
Oil Paint
Visionary works of camouflaged erotica done in an extremely personal style.
Flowered Bowl of Fantasy
Flowered Bowl of Fantasy
Price Upon Request
Early 20th Century United States Decorative Bowls
Hand built high-fired ceramic form, glazed in celadon.
Van Clyde- Children
Early 20th Century United States More Folk Art
Over 20 fanciful collaged interiors representing the rooms of a grand 5th avenue apartment, circa 1910. The 1st page has been inscribed in pencil, likely by one of it's young inha...
Early 20th Century United States Toys
A boxed art making kit that would "with a wands wave" enable children to paint pictures with sand.
20th Century Decorative Art
White washed price at the pump metal gas signs, re used displaying foreign car insignias for the purpose of advertising automotive service. Custom mount.  
The Chatham Corporation
20th Century United States More Folk Art
An unusual example of 1930s package design made for Chatham Blankets. It's displayed within a custom mount Lucite box, N.R.A label can be seen on the back.
Pill Head Bust
Price Upon Request
Early 20th Century Georgia Folk Art Sculptures
This stone bust of a young man with open mouth once served as a trade simulator outside a pharmacy demonstrating how easy that bitter pill was to swallow.
Mr. Esposito
20th Century Outsider and Self Taught Art
The inhabitants here a menagerie of characters from the primordial to the super human are the work of one man’s obsession: Mr. Esposito, a Dominican-American man who worked a...
Montana Cree
Price Upon Request
Early 20th Century Native American Objects
Unlike the steer horn furniture that was manufactured in the late 19th century as an expression of the west ward expansion and westward conquest, the spirt of the piece represented h...
Rust Picture
Price Upon Request
Vintage 1930-1939 United States Collectibles and Curiosities
Heavy gage metal panel with folded edges unaltered from its original intended dimension. Exhibited here, an extensive array of subtle and varies surface corrosion that time and the e...
Food for Thought
Price Upon Request
Antique 19th Century Primitives
A pouch of sewn rawhide with its volume pillowed and petrified containing the unopened contents of what was once to cure into cheese.

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