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Multidisciplinary initiative with one mission: make unique, high-end creations available worldwide. Manfredi Style was founded in Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, a city that is synonymous of Art and Craftsmanship, A paragon for universal beauty. This historical legacy has inspired us in handpicking our products, Made in Italy as well as international. Today, we pride ourselves of a vast array of exquisite, exclusive and innovative creations from all over the world. Our collections are selected according to their origin, history and uniqueness with special attent...Read More

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Contemporary Console Thalie in White Estremoz M...
Youth Editions
2010- France Other Console Tables
Contemporary console Thalie white Estremoz marble Limited edition of 12 designed by Joris Poggioli for Youth editions.
Kika Big Mirror or Screen in Estremoz Marble an...
Youth Editions
2010- France Other Floor Mirrors and Full-Length Mirrors
Brass, Mirror, Marble
Big mirror or screen pivoting on its stand Double color Mirror, Gloss Lacquer, Estremoz marble, Brass Limited edition of 12 designed by Joris Poggioli for Youth Editions ...
Wink Metal-Plated Pendant Lamp with Grey Fringes
Masquespacio, Houtique
2010- Spain Other Chandeliers and Pendants
Fabric, Metal
Lamps can wink their eyes, and they can also do it in the most elegant way: with fringes, gold and delicacy. From the collaboration of Masquespacio and Houtique appears Wink, a lamp ...
Tasty Collection Spiky Green Porcelain Vase Spe...
Ahryun Lee
2010- Germany Other Vases
Tasty Collection is the project to translate human senses (smell, taste) into vision (sight) in ceramics. Relating to eating/drinking activity. The Idea stems in the artist's childho...
Golden Radius Coffee Table in Marquino and Gold...
2010- Greece Other Coffee and Cocktail Tables
Marble, Bronze
Golden radius coffee table by Alex Mint Marble top and brushed bronze. Nero marquino - gold leaf The materials Marble and stone collected from all over the world and combine...
Dyad Rug by Dare to Rug in New Zealand Wool
2010- Romania Other Caucasian Rugs
Dyad Rug is part of Collection II that brings together ancestral symbols in a symbiosis of shapes and colours inspired by artefacts of the Neolithic culture of Cucuteni. ‘Dyad’ rep...
4 x 2 Blk Oak Showcase Cabinet by Paul Heijnen,...
Paul Heijnen
2010- Netherlands Other Cabinets
Glass, Oak
A timeless cabinet with a modular design and concealed doors to display treasured items. Inspired on the demolished Philips factory buildings of Eindhoven and their windows. Handcr...
Pair of Paul Mandarino Chairs by Sotow, Made in...
2010- Italy Other Chairs
Leather, Suede, Iron
Suede piping on contrasting bright tones produces a neo-retro quality, finished with a uniquely organic compound paint and polish to prevent rust. Handcrafted in Italy from high-stre...
Material Container Rosewood on Copper by Jeongh...
Jeonghwa Seo
2010- Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Other Stools
Copper, Rosewood
The material container series is focused on the texture of local crafts and unique material qualities The low furniture pieces comprise a conical base topped with a flat disc-shap...
Aeneas Black Brass Light by Iacoli & McAllister...
Iacoli & McAllister
2010- United States Other Chandeliers and Pendants
Brass, Steel, Blown Glass
In Greco-Roman mythology, Aeneas was a Trojan hero and the son of Venus (Aphrodite). In Virgil's Aeneid he is an ancestor of Romulus and Remus, the twins whose story tells of the ori...
Primitive Physics Basalt by Jeonghwa Seo
Jeonghwa Seo
2010- Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Other Tables
Brass, Stone
Primitive physics series is focused on basic physical principles of materials. The series has been motivated by the variety way of using stones for living in the rural areas. S...
Amethyst Cumulo Barrel Vase by Siemon & Salazar
Siemon & Salazar
2010- United States Other Vases
Crystal, Blown Glass, Lead
This piece use dollops of glass over a central core. The hot bits are blown out to diffuse the color and create a bulbous cloudlike shape. The bulbs are arranged so that each vase wi...

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