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Octagonal Chair
20th Century Central African Republic Chairs
Vintage hand-carved wooden chair from Africa, with a custom leather cushion.
Antique Winfield Chair
R. W. Winfield & Co.
Antique 19th Century United Kingdom Rocking Chairs
Iron, Leather
1850s upholstered chair, similar rocking-chair was shown by R.W. Winfield at the great exhibition in 1851. After which iron rocking-chairs became popular throughout Europe during the...
Hanging Swing Chair Aux Deux
Erin Martin
21st Century United States Rocking Chairs
Metal, Leather
Custom designed swing chair by Erin Martin. Steel body with leather or fur cushion. mounting brackets TBD based on installation and may have upcharge. Net weight 250lbs + your peeps.
Georges Charpentier's Lacoste "Broken Sunglasse...
Georges Charpentier
Vintage 1970-1979 France Coffee and Cocktail Tables
Wood, Glass, Paint
Coffee table designed Georges Charpintier, based on Lacoste sunglasses, looks to have been repainted white at some point.
Antique Black and Tan Chairs
Antique 19th Century France Armchairs
Wood, Fabric
Antique high back pair of chairs, "black and tan" fabric is vintage, not original. Small wheels on all four legs from France, sold together.  
Dramatic Horse Head Sculpture
$6,937 Sale Price
29% Off
Dramatic Horse Head Sculpture
20th Century Belgium Sculptures
Replica of early 19th century Italian roman horse sculpture. Very impressive stature.
Vintage Dental Lamp
Vintage 1950-1959 United States Floor Lamps
Willmott castle company dental floor light. Adjustable height and angle, on rolling wheels; one bulb.
Carved Wood Bell Tower Model
21st Century United States Other More Furniture and Collectibles
Reproduction of a carved wood bell tower, architectural model. No credited artist.
Sandblasted Cameroon Stool
Late 20th Century Cameroon Stools
Hand-carved wood Cameroon / Bamileke stool or side table from Africa. Unique sandblasted finish.
zinc garden cabinet
Antique 18th Century and Earlier United States Patio and Garden Furniture
super rare garden cabinet / armoire from the end of the 18th century
Vintage Boat Prow
Antique 19th Century Bali Nautical Objects
early 19th century wooden boat prow, from bali, great piece to hang on a bedroom wall or entry statement piece. hand carved.
"Eleven," Custom Tar Art by Mattia Biagi
Mattia Biagi
21st Century United States Folk Art Sculptures
Tar and fender amp, custom tar art by Mattia Biagi.

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