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Furniture, paintings, sculptures and Russian Art I have always been immersed in the world of art. My views and my tastes were forged by tree generations of antiques dealers and collectors who have preceded me. I opened my first gallery at 13 rue Bonaparte, opposite the National School of Fine Arts, where I specialized in the work of Russian artist Oscar Rabin. In 2010, MICHELE HAYEM GALLERY moved to 5 rue de Beaune, in the heart of the Carré Rive Gauche, a few steps from Louvre and Orsay Museum. This new location has allowed me to broaden my selection of sculptors, ...Read More

Michele Hayem

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Alice Gavalet
21st Century France Table Lamps
Ceramic, Steel
Alice Gavalet, table lamp Loulou, 2015, glazed ceramic, patina steel, signed, unique piece. Measures: 96 X 35 cm. Alice Gavalet. Born in 1978, France. Education 2003 Diploma in...
Béatrice Serre
2010- France Wall-mounted Sculptures
Béatrice Serre 2017, Little Big Bang " Lapis lazuli " slate, azurite, Lapis- Lazuli, rosacite, gold pigment, bronze, golden enamel D 43 cm, D 3 cm signed, unique piece2017 ...
Béatrice Serre
2010- France Cabinets
Gold, Bronze, Lapis Lazuli, Iron, Slate
Be´atrice Serre 2017, Unique " Meteor " Two doors Lapis Lazuli cabinet, patinated forged iron, slate, azurite, Lapis- Lazuli, rosacite, gold pigment, bronze H 156 cm, D 78 ...
Mark Brazier-Jones
2010- Console Tables
Mark Brazier - Jones 2016, Chlorophyl console 2/5 et 3/5, bronze, 173 cm long x 35 cm deep x 70 cm tall, dated, signed Exhibitions list: Creative Salvage Group Show I The Cuts Gall...
2010- France Coffee and Cocktail Tables
Bronze, Gold Leaf
Mark Brazier Jones 2010 , Atol Coffee table, Bronze, gold leaf patina, Top 145 X 65 cm, height 52 cm, dated, signed Reproduced in Mark Brazier-Jones monograph, page 141 Creative S...
21st Century France Wall-mounted Sculptures
Béatrice Serre 2015, wall sculpture "Amethist Big Bang" black and grey slate, golden enamels, amethist, silver enamels, opal, bronze, brass, copper, Murano glass, Venise g...
Oriel Harwood
2010- England Center Tables
Oriel Harwood 2013, Cloud Table, Mixed Media, Resin, Scagliola, Wood Top is 95 cm diameter, 80 cm height Signed Unique piece
Alice Gavalet
21st Century France Gueridon
Ceramic, Steel, Gold Leaf
Alice Gavalet 2016, Gueridon L'Antoinette, patinated iron, golden leaf, enameled ceramic, height 76 cm, top 60 cm, unique piece, signed. Alice Gavalet Born in 1978, Lives and wor...
Béatrice Serre
21st Century France Decorative Art
Béatrice Serre 2015, The Milky Way, black and grey slates, agate, bronze, gold enamels, Venise glass, Murano glass, rock crystal, quartz, marble, opal, mica, granite, meteorite, amet...
Mark Brazier-Jones
21st Century England Console Tables
Mark Brazier-Jones, 2014. Selfie console and mirror. Dimensions: Console, bronze, height 98 cm, width 60 cm. Console top, antique oak coated brass, 20 X 60 cm. Mirror, bronze, 11...
Mark Brazier-Jones
21st Century England Coffee and Cocktail Tables
Mark Brazier-Jones 2013, unique pair of pomegranate and sea coffee tables. Steel, copper, gold and hand beveled mirror, measures: 55 X 75 cm, height 60 cm. Unique pieces. Dated, sign...
Béatrice Serre
21st Century France Coffee and Cocktail Tables
Béatrice Serre 2016, unique large genesis coffee table, top 83 x 135 cm, heigh 46 cm. Patinated steel, amber, pyrite, quartzs , opales fire, gold enamel, bronze, onyx, granite, mar...

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