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Founded in 1984, Newbury Fine Arts remains one of the premier contemporary galleries in Boston for the quality and diversity of the art exhibited. The gallery is passionately committed to representing early and mid-career American and International artists who have been selected for their masterful technique and individual concept. Both figurative and landscape artists balance the line between representation and abstraction within their unique styles. Our mission is to keep it interesting for our artists and patrons alike while maintaining an exceptional level of qua...Read More

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Liz Gribin
21st Century Contemporary Figurative Paintings
Canvas, Acrylic Paint
Liz Gribin was born in London in 1934. As a young girl, her family was vacationing in Switzerland when the Nazis marched into Poland, forcing them to flee to America. After arriving ...
Larry Horowitz
21st Century Contemporary Landscape Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
Larry Horowitz painted Spring Field En Plein Air in one of his favorite spots in Aurora , Maine in the heart of blueberry country. Horowitz paints luminous New England landscapes wh...
Gideon Tomaschoff
21st Century Contemporary Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
Gideon Tomaschoff recently attended his exhibit in Boston (November 2016) at NFA where he was explaining his creative process. Sparingly he uses palette knife and brush , adding and ...
Gideon Tomaschoff
21st Century Abstract Expressionist Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
Leaves and Reappears is a dynamic painting by Israeli artist Gideon Tomaschoff. Depth and texture are explored in the artist's nuanced technique. Autumn is the obvious reference . ...
Hamilton Aguiar
21st Century Abstract Abstract Paintings
Copper, Resin, Oil Paint
Brazilian artist Hamilton Aguiar has developed a signature style involving almost a sculptural element in his conceptual depth. Most recognized for his striking silver leaf monochrom...
Ron Hicks
21st Century American Impressionist Figurative Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
Shelves in the Ron Hick's studio are lined with art books about Nicolai Fechin, James Whistler and William Merritt Chase. There are also volumes featuring Hicks' main muses John Sing...
Randy Stevens
2010- Contemporary Figurative Drawings and Watercolors
Glitter, Lithograph
Award winning artist Randy Stevens has distinguished herself as a unique colorist voice in Contemporary art. Working primarily in pastel, her Dancer series are a collectors item as ...
Johanna Harmon
2010- Contemporary Figurative Paintings
Linen, Oil Paint
Award winning, Johanna Harmon has created a masterpiece. Three portraits are presented together as a triptych in a magnificent carved gold leaf frame. The sheer power of Blooming Sil...
Craig Alan
2010- Conceptual Abstract Paintings
Resin, Mylar, Acrylic Paint, Wood Panel
Sculptural and painterly, Drift is an exciting new work by conceptual contemporary artist Craig Alan. He has taken the butterfly form and transcended it. Dripping hues of blue pai...
Graciela Rodo Boulanger
2010- Contemporary Mixed Media
Mixed Media, Oil Paint, Handmade Paper
Internationally recognized by the UN and UNICEF, Boulanger has enjoyed a career which has been over the span of 6 decades. Long considered to be the female master of Bolivian painter...
Charles Dwyer
21st Century Contemporary Figurative Paintings
Oil Paint
Charles Dwyer was born in Wisconsin in 1961. In 1984, he graduated as valedictorian from the Milwaukee School of Art and Design with a degree in Fine Arts. His artistic passion and c...
Charles Dwyer
21st Century Contemporary Figurative Paintings
Paper, Pastel
Charles Dwyer is a Renaissance man. Working in pastel, oil, gouache, watercolor, ink , photography and collage, Dwyer is uniquely creative and has honed a technique that is a provoca...

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