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Founded in 1984, Newbury Fine Arts remains one of the premier contemporary galleries in Boston for the quality and diversity of the art exhibited. The gallery is passionately committed to representing early and mid-career American and International artists who have been selected for their masterful technique and individual concept. Both figurative and landscape artists balance the line between representation and abstraction within their unique styles. Our mission is to keep it interesting for our artists and patrons alike while maintaining an exceptional level of qua...Read More

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Johanna Harmon
2010- Post-Impressionist Nude Paintings
Linen, Oil Paint
Mutable and flirtatious, the figure in Johanna Harmon's painting Kaleidoscope is an exquisite nude. While powerfully illuminating the model from the crown of her head, Harmon moves...
Winter Leaves
2010- Contemporary Abstract Paintings
Gold Leaf, Cotton Canvas, Oil Paint
Parisian artist Nadee traveled in Paul Klee's footsteps to Morocco and distant lands to breathe the exotic air and to observe the "Blanche light" . "Winter Leaves&quot...
High Ground
Michele Dangelo
2010- Contemporary Landscape Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
Through a lush labyrinth of paint, Michele Dangelo projects the human psyche into the outer environment, creating a bridge between the known and the unknown through her language of s...
The Visit
Treacy Ziegler
2010- Contemporary Animal Paintings
Oil Paint, Panel
Since graduating from Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Treacy Ziegler has been featured in over 35 solo exhibitions in United States and in Canada, including an exhibition at the H...
Entwined Mass
Craig Alan
2010- Contemporary Landscape Paintings
Resin, Acrylic Paint
American artist Craig Alan was truly inspired by the great Dutch master M. C. Escher. Escher's created mathematically inspired works which continue to dazzle the art world. Alan wh...
A Dream Away
Johanna Harmon
2010- Contemporary Figurative Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
Oil painter's Of America award winning artist Johanna Harmon channels her inner John Singer Sargent in her recent collection. A Dream Away is a lovely oil which shows the artist's ma...
Arms Overhead
Greg Calibey
21st Century Contemporary Portrait Paintings
Oil Paint
Greg Calibey cites among his influences Degas, Sargent and Rodin. Calibey’s paintings find their power primarily from his unique vision and are underscored by a masterful technique....
Faintly and Evenly
Gideon Tomaschoff
21st Century Abstract Expressionist Abstract Paintings
Oil Paint
Gary Michael Dault explains that colour itself is the underlying structure of these works: “they billow towards the miasmic, the informe, towards the presentation of pulsing, luxurio...
Ramon Lombarte
2010- Contemporary Figurative Paintings
Acrylic Paint, Wood Panel
Ramon Lombarte paints with acrylic on panel. Color value is a key component in Ramon’s imagery. His smooth brushwork and his rich, dark palette are contrasted with juicy Mediterranea...
Open To A lake
Paul chester
2010- Contemporary Landscape Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
Paul Chester is a contemporary artist who uses a Post Impressionist inspired style to create uniquely luminous landscapes. Working his foreground with contrasting brush movement and ...
Boston Public Garden
Jim Buckels
2010- American Realist Landscape Paintings
Acrylic Paint
American artist, Jim Buckels' fascination with fantasy began in early childhood, when his mother, a professor of English Composition and Literature at Iowa State University, would r...
The Waters And the Wild
Treacy Ziegler
2010- Contemporary Landscape Paintings
Oil Paint, Panel
Trained at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, for 4 years, Treacy Ziegler initially worked in painting and printmaking. At the Academy, she developed monoprints inc...

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