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Teemu Salonen

Auttoinen, FI

About Teemu Salonen

I'm a designer maker, living and working in a small village in Finland. All my objects are hand made in my workshop. My works are more unique design sculptures than functional design products. I love to use different materials and combine them in unusual ways. Do not hesitate to contact me, if you are looking for custom made lamps, or something else which does not exist yet. Teemu Salonen, who comes from the small municipality of Padasjoki, is a designer whose work is all about unique objects. Making things by hand is an essential part of his designer’s identity, and h...Read More

Teemu Salonen

Established in 20041stDibs seller since 2018

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More About Teemu Salonen

Miami Vice one of a kind year 2018 designer: Teemu Salonen

Miami Vice one of a kind year 2018 designer: Teemu Salonen

BOOM! & 700€ one of a kind, 2018 ceramic, paint designer: Teemu Salonen

BUSH one of a kind year 2018 glassfibre, car stereo, speakers designer: Teemu Salonen

Detail from "Flower only" floor lamp. one-of-a-kind Year 2018 designer: Teemu Salonen

Exhibition at Gallery Ars Auttoinen 2018, Finland designer: Teemu Salonen

FRUTTI DI MARE 1 one of a kind year 2018 ceramic, glassfibre designer: Teemu Salonen

CRÉME BONJOUR one of a kind year 2016 alabaster, glass, plastic putty, LED designer: Teemu Salonen

RIDE ON! one of a kind, seat year 2018 wood, glassfibre designer: Teemu Salonen